Think Agile: How Smart Entrepreneurs Adapt in Order to Succeed

Funding falls apart. A similar product is unveiled by a more established company. A key employee jumps ship to work for a competitor. These are the unexpected obstacles that derail even the most promising new ventures. Entrepreneurs determined to keep up with today's constantly changing business environment need to stay nimble enough to shift their strategies, products, and services on a dime. Yet many fail to master this essential new mindset: agility. Featuring real-life case studies and invaluable tools, "Think Agile "helps entrepreneurs assess their level of flexibility--and learn to be open-minded and option-oriented in key areas including: Funding sources - Launch timetables - Planning - Repurposing everything from products to people to names - And more When entrepreneurs lock themselves into one strategy, one product, one distribution method--and one way of thinking about their business--they limit their potential, and lower their chances of capitalizing on economic, industry, or market changes. "Think Agile" is an indispensable guide to an undeniably essential new skill.

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