"Taffy Williams has written one of the best business and management books of the new millennium.  Think Agile is a must-read for the innovator and entrepreneur."    Dr. William F. Pilkington, CEO, Cabarrus Health Alliance  

"Engaging, informative, and highly readable, Think Agile provides a roadmap for entrepreneur wannabes and seasoned veterans alike. I wish I had read it when I was starting out, but I’m enjoying its insights and examples even at this stage of my career."     Michael Falk, Ph.D., President, LSRO Solutions

"Every entrepreneur needs to read and absorb the lessons Taffy Williams teaches in Think Agile.  Drawing on his years of experience and thought leadership as a consultant, entrepreneur, and executive, Taffy shows that in an environment of scarce resources and demanding markets, the ability to be flexible, open, and responsive are critical components to the success of any venture.  Funders, customers, and business partners will have infinitely greater confidence in entrepreneurs who practice the lessons in this book."     Matthew I. Hafter, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

"As Taffy Williams explains so well, entrepreneurial agility is not a new toolbox of skills taught at business school; it’s a state of mind and way of being and seeing the world--anticipating, preempting, and reacting to the “surprises” (adversities, challenges, and opportunities) that daily confront us. This book is a source of inspiration that the next generation of successful entrepreneurs will carry with them on their journeys to innovate, differentiate, develop, commercialize, and monetize their ideas and technologies."     Ashleigh Palmer, President, Creative BioVentures Corp

"Think Agile is a clearly and concisely written treasure from one of this nation’s most thoughtful entrepreneurs. Taffy Williams has had success in business because he has been able to quickly respond to challenges and opportunities.  In short, he has remained agile throughout his career.  In his book, he generously shares lessons and insights learned along the way."

Kenneth R. Tindall, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Science and Business Development, North Carolina Biotechnology Center


"Great entrepreneurs, like elite athletes, are both born and coached.  In Think Agile, Taffy Williams provides some of that coaching, correctly pointing out that today’s successful entrepreneurs, while just as determined as their entrepreneurial predecessors, must also be agile, adaptable, and open-minded in a rapidly changing world--just like an elite team athlete who can read the field and make changes in real time.  As an entrepreneur, seeking to be an agile thinker, I have learned much from this book."   Jeff Eliot Margolis, Founder and President, Aurora Capital LLC

"In the 20 years I have known Taffy Williams, I have seen him successfully hone his entrepreneurial skills in several start-up companies. He has always been someone who was open to sharing his insights into entrepreneurship, whether in lectures to budding entrepreneurs or tutoring me in the art of technology commercialization. Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit will appreciate the insights and examples he provides in this book."  Kenneth Blank, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Rowan University

"Drawing upon his years of experience as a successful biotechnology innovator, leader, advisor, and investor, Taffy Williams shares impactful “make-or-break” insights on succeeding as an agile entrepreneur in a dynamic and evolving marketplace."

Amir Dan Rubin, President and CEO, Stanford University Hospital & Clinics

“In his book, Taffy Williams describes important ways to enhance agile thinking for new and seasoned entrepreneurs, using examples to show how an agile perspective increases the chances for success while rigid thinking can lead to failure.  Think Agile will be a useful read for all entrepreneurs.”      Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr.,  Senator, North Carolina General Assembly